Xray Eyewear

Professionals working as xray technicians are potentially at risk for exposure to radiation emitted by the radiological and xray equipment. As mandated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), medical and laboratory professionals are required to wear protective equipment and gear while doing their job. The protective equipment may range from shoes, clothing to safety eyewear. OSHA requires xray technicians to put on a pair of xray eyewear while operating any radiological equipment.

There are specialty stores offering an assortment of personal protective gear, including different types of xray eyewear. Online stores also carry an array of xray eyewear manufactured by different optical companies. Before purchasing a pair, check if the specifications comply with OSHA regulations. Only the best certified eyewear can provide optimum protection against optic radiation and other related injury.

Since this piece of eyewear is considered a safety gear, also check for the quality of the lens. Only lenses and frames approved by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) should be considered. Leaded lenses are required since the material effectively filters and reduces radiation. Inquire about the lead shielding values of the lenses. A value of .5 mm and higher provides excellent protection against radiation.

Inconsistencies in laboratory conditions could happen; the right type of lenses should be able to adapt with variances in temperature and lighting. In addition, the lenses should be equipped with anti-fogging and anti-reflective properties for optic clarity at all times.

In terms of frames, the best ones are usually made from lightweight and durable materials like polycarbonate and nylon. Look for xray eyewear frames that closely follow the facial contour for the best possible protection. Frames that wrap around the temples or with side shields are probably the best for this type of job. Make sure that the frames are also lead protected with equivalent values of .25 mm or higher.