Welding Glasses

Welding glasses are designed to protect your eyes when using a torch, but wearing a welding helmet is not necessary. Whether soldering, torch brazing, or cutting, it is necessary to wear welding glasses in order to shield your eyes from harmful materials during these activities. Welding glasses and goggles not only protect from heat and flying debris, but also from damage by ultraviolet and infrared light. This protects welders against Photokeratitis, also known as “welder’s flash”.

Welding safety glasses lenses come in a large variety of types and styles. From more traditional glasses lenses to protective eye wear that is fashioned in the form of goggles, there is not a lack of options. Welding goggles can be found with varying strength in the lenses. Shade 3 and Shade 5 filter lenses are available for some of the less intense welding activities. However, they are not appropriate for arc welding. This would require the use of a welding helmet with a darker lens.

Welding glasses can be found that fit and are worn similar to traditional sunglasses. They have sides that rest on the ears and can have either a single set of lenses or with a pair of flip up lenses so welders can alternate between a clear lens and a shaded welding lens. Welding goggles have a strap that fits securely around the head and provides extra stability. These can have either two lenses that fit securely around each eye or even a single rectangular lens that fit over your prescription glasses.

You won’t lack for options when it comes to choosing the right welding glasses for you! Whether you need a full coverage lenses or a more simple, traditional lens, finding what you are looking for is as simple as visiting your local hardware store or browsing online.