Types of Safety Glasses

Many employment opportunities are available that will require personnel to wear different types of safety glasses. Each specific job requirement may have an individual need to wear safety eye-wear. And the many various types of safety glasses are related to their given purpose. Some however may cover all the bases depending upon the use itself.

Some of the uses for safety eye-wear include but are not limited to welding, machining, chemical usage, biological hazards, overhauling mechanical components; all depending upon the consumer’s individual requirements. There are even specifically designed types of safety glasses for the home, sports, and even educational purposes. Did you know that statistics state that one half of eye injuries occur while at home. There is a need for the various types of safety glasses almost everywhere.

One of the remarkable factors to wearing specific types of safety glasses is they may also be designed with a cool style to protect your vision. Another important variable is that safety eye-wear is designed to protect not just your eyes but your face as well. This may also include other items as respirators with built in eye and face protection.

Safety eye-wear is also regulated by US agencies that have your best interest at heart; i.e. OSHA and ANSI. Such as ANSI code compliance guidelines require the eye-wear be marked with (Z87); this tells us that ANSI Z87.1-2003 does in fact meet the requirements of this particular Standard. Government positions in manufacturing as well as the private-sector utilize these regulatory compliance for the employees benefit of total protection. It is important to protect yourself.

So much enthusiasm goes into the design of eye-wear for this is a magnanimous display of interest in eye and facial protection. Eye protection is critical. Safety is a must! Be Safe and be happy!