Shooting Glasses

When it comes to the firing range, shooting glasses are of the utmost importance. For all the jokes people might make about mom shouting that “you’ll shoot your eye out” that’s actually one of the most common types of accident that occur on the firing range, and it’s not quite so funny when it actually happens.

It’s not just the idiots who don’t know how to operate a firearm safely who suffer the risk of eye injury, either. Hot bullet casings popping out of a pistol can damage the eyes and surrounding tissue, as can the blast of searing hot lead and gunpowder erupting mere inches from the shooter’s face. True, injuries at the range tend to happen least often to those who know how to properly handle a firearm, but they do happen, and the eyes are one of the most common injury areas.

When shopping for shooting glasses, it’s important to find a pair that fit comfortably. Finding a good fit, a pair that aren’t too tight or too loose is important not only for comfort, but for safety. Glasses that slip off of the head in the middle of emptying a clip, glasses that are too tight and pinch the head are equally dangerous as people have a tendency to simply take them off thoughtlessly. Good shooting glasses have to fit, first and foremost.

It is also important that the glasses do not obstruct vision. Many shooting glasses are made of shaded plastic so that they can provide protection from the flare. This is good, but they should not be too dark. The best tend to have a slight yellow or orange tint rather than working like full blown sunglasses.

As long as the glasses fit and they don’t block too much sunlight, of course, they’ll do.