Safety Glasses Tests

When purchasing safety glasses, it’s important to run a few safety glasses tests to ensure that the team is being provided with the absolute safest pair of glasses around. Here are a few safety glasses tests to conduct on sample pairs before buying a set for the crew.

The Comfort Test

One of the most important safety glasses tests is the comfort test. If glasses don’t fit comfortably, they can slip off or cause distracting discomfort. Make sure that the glasses are adjustable and easy to use, and that they don’t feel uncomfortable on the face, or else the crew is probably not going to want to wear them.

The Shatter Test

A good pair of safety glasses may crack, they may break, but if they shatter into a hundred shards with the slightest impact, then they’re no good. For these safety glasses tests, try dropping the glasses onto a hard surface from a balcony or giving them a good whack against a concrete floor. If they can survive with minimal damage and without sending a thousand shards flying all over the place, they’re good to go.

The Heat Test

It’s not uncommon to have to deal with high heat in the work place. A pair of safety glasses should be able to hold up to a reasonable amount of heat. If the glasses quit before the worker does, then that’s a very dangerous state of affairs. Subject the glasses to boiling water and open flame and see how they perform. Obviously, few pairs of glasses will stand up to, say, an oven cranked to three fifty, but they should at least be able to handle as much heat as their wearer will be handling.

Testing out a few sample pairs before buying a whole set takes time, but it may save thousands in hospital bills later on.