Safety Frames

Frames have been around since the 1200’s and they continue to be in different shapes and style from designer frames to square frames and even the rimless frames. The varieties have made it difficult to know what eye wear frames are the best.
When choosing safety frames people try to find the frames that will look good on their face. However to be able to make the right choices you need to understand your face that is, knowing, the colour and the shape of your face plus your personality and lifestyle. That way you will be able to know or rather you will find it easier to know the eye wear frame styles and colour that will compliment your face and make you look good.
When purchasing the safety frames there are things to consider, first you will need to put into consideration your personal coloring, this ranges from the eye, hair and skin color. One is either warm or cool, if you are a warm you can consider safety frames that are, khaki, gold, copper, orange, off white, red and warm blue. If you are a cool you can consider black, rose-brown, plum, blue-gray, pink, jade, blue.
The second consideration should be the face shape; your safety frames should contrast with your face shape and the frame size should be in scale with your face size. There are seven basic face shapes these include: the round face, oval face, oblong face, base up triangle ,base down triangle, diamond face, square face therefore the frames should be able to compliment whatever you face shape is.
Your personality and lifestyle too should be considered when purchasing frames. It is usually a good idea to own more than one pair of eye wear, for different events and activities, you can have eye wear to complement what you are doing or an event you are going to. For example; for a business person ovals, rectangles and almond shaped eye wear frames work.
However to get the best frames ask for suggestions on eyewear styles, designs and colors for your particular face shape and coloring from your optician or friends.