Non Prescription Safety Glasses

Many people believe that glasses should only be worn by people who need their vision corrected, but each person only has one set of eyes and it is very important that they protect those eyes from anything that may harm them or cause damage to their vision. Prescription and non prescription safety glasses are made of different materials than regular prescription eyeglasses and should be worn by everyone who works in an environment that could potentially cause their vision to be harmed. Non prescription safety glasses may be worn over prescription glasses to protect the wearer from damage to both their eyes and their glasses.

Unlike prescription eyeglasses, non prescription safety glasses are manufactured from plastic that is resistant to shattering. Prescription glasses are made of glass or plastic and are likely to shatter if they are hit with a heavy object, so they cannot be used to protect the eyes instead of safety glasses. Prescription safety glasses are available, but they have to be special ordered to ensure that the prescription is correct.

Some people think wearing safety glasses makes them look silly, but new styles of non prescription safety glasses are designed to look just like sunglasses and most people cannot tell the difference unless they are looking very carefully at the glasses. Tinted safety glasses may be worn by people who work outside. These glasses protect the eyes physically as well as help the wearer reduce eye strain caused by the sun.

Workers should try on several different types of safety glasses before deciding which ones to buy. Non prescription safety glasses should fit very close to their face so no debris can get between the glasses and the eyes. Some styles of safety glasses even contain shields to protect the sides of the eyes from damage. These styles should be worn by people who work closely with substances that are known to cause eye damage.