Non Conductive Glasses

Many who work in the construction or building maintenance industries are constantly exposed to electrical equipment and wiring. This exposure to high voltages can create numerous electrical shock hazards, many of which are potentially lethal. Those who work with or near electrical equipment often take precautions to protect themselves from shock, such as wearing insulated gloves and boots. However, an important part of the body often remains unprotected. Many workers do not properly shield their eyes and faces from electrical shock or arc hazards.

To some, it may seem unlikely that a worker’s face would ever come into contact with live electrical wiring, but in some situations this is not unlikely. Much of the electrical wiring in buildings is found in the ceiling. This wiring is routed to various pieces of ceiling mounted equipment such as fans, lights, and loudspeakers. A technician on a stepladder is often positioned directly below the wiring, looking up at the ceiling and working with his or her hands. Dangling wires and equipment, although usually powered down during installation or maintenance, can pose a threat to a worker’s safety in the event that they are indeed live.

Non conductive safety glasses can be used to mitigate this risk. Non conductive glasses serve several purposes. First, they perform the same function as normal safety glasses. They shield the eyes from dust, debris and any high-velocity work piece fragments thrown off by power tools. However, non conductive glasses also block dangling wires from touching many parts of the face, including the sensitive and delicate eyes.

Non conductive glasses are also not prone to arcing near high voltage sources. Many electrical workers commonly remove metal objects from their bodies, such as watches, rings, and other jewelry, because arcing can pose a significant safety hazard. Non conductive glasses protect the wearer’s face from arcing as well.

Non conductive glasses are available with prescription lenses, allowing those with vision correction needs to enjoy their protection as well.